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Oxalic Acid Production Process with Cost Analysis by Procurement Resource


Procurement Resource is excited to announce the publication of its comprehensive new report, “Oxalic Acid Production Process with Cost Analysis.” This in-depth study provides essential insights into the oxalic acid production process, procurement strategies, and cost structures, giving business leaders and decision-makers a significant advantage in the global chemical industry.

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Procurement Resource Assessment – Oxalic Acid Production Process:

The report begins with a detailed assessment of the oxalic acid production process. Oxalic acid is produced through several methods, the most common being:

  1. Oxidation of Carbohydrates: This process involves the oxidation of carbohydrates like glucose or cellulose using nitric acid. The oxidation converts the carbohydrate to oxalic acid and yields other byproducts. This process requires carefully controlled temperatures and acid concentrations for optimal results.
  2. Oxidation of Glycol: Ethylene glycol is oxidized using an oxidizing agent like nitric acid or air in the presence of catalysts. The glycol undergoes oxidation, producing oxalic acid.
  3. Fermentation: Some strains of fungi or bacteria can ferment carbohydrates to produce oxalic acid.

The report thoroughly explains these processes, highlighting crucial factors affecting production efficiency, yields, and waste reduction.

Product Chloride:

Chloride compounds, particularly calcium chloride, play a key role in oxalic acid production. Calcium chloride is often used to precipitate oxalates in purification stages. The report provides valuable insights into managing chlorides efficiently, as improper handling can lead to contamination and quality issues.

Market Drivers:

Oxalic acid has diverse applications across various industries, which makes understanding market drivers essential for strategic business decisions. The report identifies key market drivers influencing global demand:

  1. Textile Industry: Oxalic acid is crucial for bleaching textiles and removing rust stains, driving steady demand.
  2. Metal Cleaning and Processing: As a cleaning agent, oxalic acid effectively removes rust and scale from metals, propelling its demand in the metal processing sector.
  3. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Applications: The pharmaceutical and chemical industries use oxalic acid in the synthesis of various products, including antibiotics and dyes.
  4. Agriculture: It is used to remove calcium deposits from crops and as a pesticide in beekeeping.

Raw Materials Requirements:

The report provides a detailed overview of the raw materials required for oxalic acid production. Key materials include:

  • Carbohydrates or Glycol: Carbohydrates like glucose and ethylene glycol are essential feedstocks for producing oxalic acid via oxidation.
  • Oxidizing Agents: Nitric acid and other oxidizing agents are crucial for achieving high yields.
  • Catalysts: Catalysts like vanadium or tungsten compounds accelerate the oxidation process and improve yields.

Costs and Key Process Information:

Procurement Resource’s report delivers an in-depth cost analysis of the oxalic acid production process, including:

  • Raw Material Costs: Costs associated with sourcing and preparing carbohydrates, glycol, and oxidizing agents.
  • Utility Costs: Energy, water, and waste management expenses throughout production stages.
  • Labor Costs: Analysis of labor requirements and associated costs in different regions.
  • Overhead Costs: Indirect expenses, including regulatory compliance, logistics, and maintenance.

The report also provides key process information, such as yield rates, cycle times, and efficiency metrics. This helps manufacturers evaluate performance and identify opportunities for optimization.

Looking for an Exhaustive and Personalized Report?

Procurement Resource’s “Oxalic Acid Production Process with Cost Analysis” report is designed to deliver actionable insights that can substantiate your business strategy. Whether you are establishing a new production facility or optimizing an existing one, this report can offer:

  • Comprehensive Data: Detailed information on production processes, cost breakdowns, and market trends.
  • Customizable Insights: Tailored to specific business needs, ensuring you receive the precise data required for strategic decision-making.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Insights into market dynamics, key competitors, and emerging opportunities.

With Procurement Resource’s expertise and comprehensive analysis, your business can gain a significant competitive advantage in the global oxalic acid industry. Contact us today for a personalized consultation or learn how this report can be tailored to meet your specific requirements!

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